Are you ready to unfold your potential?


What to expect

You might be working on a particular personal theme or project, such as a health issue, a creative project, your meditation practice, the feminine, your connection to the Earth etc and you need individual guidance.

We can work through conversation, presencing, embodiment, (self) healing practices, eco-psychology, nature based practices, somatic movement, art, creativity and other tools. The practices, inspiration and guidance will support you to develop your intuition, cultivate wholeness and find your unique voice in your creative or healing project. 

I will meet you where you're at and we go from there!

Sessions are 1 hour - Online

Please reserve some time in between sessions for practices and exploration

See Options below to help you decide if this is for you, however often sessions are a mix of all that!

Option 1

Personal health projects

Individual mentorship for students of the online courses to deepen your practice with personal guidance or for personal health projects and self devellopment. The exercises might use collage, movement, healing, journaling, meditations in action, mandalas, breath work, etc, depending on your needs and personal path.

Option 2

Earth Guardians mentorship

For people who want to explore their relationship with the Earth and the more than human through deep practices of connection, reciprocity, presencing, respect and healing of the land. We might work with practical deep ecology, spiritual ecology, self-ceremony and practices to find sanctuary in Nature.

Option 3

Creative mentorship

For people working on a particular creative project or feeling some blockages around their creativity and expression and need some guidance to move forward. With over 25 years of experience creating long term projects such as directing films, writing film scripts & books, film editing and research, I can also help you manage long term projects, from emotional blocks to self care practices, creative work methods and practical resources.

Individual mentorship / coaching

One to one sessions


1 hour on zoom

+ 1 inspirational email in between sessions


3 months program

pack of 3 sessions

twice a month

1 off session - £48

3 sessions with discount ** - £135 

**when you commit with a 3 months program

How it works

How it started

In 2021 I was invited to be a mentor of a young filmmaker. The invitation came from a portuguese feminist association who initiated a program called 'From woman to woman', matching young women with professionals in their area of choice, for guidance in their creative project, as well as in life, with a component on ethics, activism and creativity. We met on zoom. At that time I was myself having mentorship sessions with soul guide and artist Douglas Van Houten while doing programs at Animas Valley Institute where I was diving deep into Soul work. The 8 months program was exactly what I needed to support a deep process of unfolding through personal guidance, inspiration and tools

Other mentorship examples have included, a filmmaker doing a PhD about somatic movement, needing support preparing a self-ceremony to deepen her Earth connection. A writer needed feedback on an article about climate change. A musician was struggling with integration after a Vipassana retreat and wanted guidance on how to move forward in his practice...

The sessions follow what comes up through creative or healing projects, personal blocks, breakthroughs, with a good dose of inspiration and empathy! Usually I use a mix of conversation, exercises and various practices, to support you in whatever you need and help you find your essence.

Before your session...

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