About Claudia's work

Claudia is a qualified Shiatsu and Jikiden Reiki practitioner insured by Balens. She is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and the Jikiden Reiki UK Association (JRUKA). Originally from Portugal, she is based in London.

Claudia is a sensitive and experienced Shiatsu practitioner who has offered Shiatsu since 2003 in Lisbon, Brighton and London, as well as worldwide energy healing and Reiki treatments at a distance. In her practice Claudia's brings a unique approach to her treatments, which are trauma-informed, holistic and intuitive - she treats the whole being: body, mind, soul and energetic field. Claudia also works in a walk-in in Central London treating hundreds of people each month, giving her an extensive experience with a wide range of clients and conditions. In her work she combines her precision of pressure points with other modalities that include sound healing with tuning forks, Quantum-Touch and Reiki. Claudia is deeply connected with Nature and that comes through her healing, which grounds you to the Earth and roots you deep into your core. Claudia has a calming presence and always takes time to attune to her clients, making each session unique and profound. She is dedicated in helping people reconnect with their own essence.

"I am committed in helping release physical pain, mental and emotional struggles, 

to support people reconnecting deeply with the essence of themselves, 

to find inner peace, vitality and freedom"

Claudia's practice evolved from Shiatsu into an integration and essence of Japanese healing arts to include Jikiden Reiki, Sei-ki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, plus cutting-edge energy medicine, such as sound healing with Tuning forks and Quantum-touch. Her personal practice include compassionate soul healing, meditation, chi gong, and she studied in different fields such as somatic trauma healing and post-traumatic growth (Thomas Hübl, Gabor Maté, Arielle Schwartz), eco-psycology, shadow work & soulcraft (Bill Plotkin), deep ecology (Joanna Macy), Biofield tuning (Eileen Mckusik) and more. 

Claudia is also a film maker, writer and Earth protector. 

therapy rooms in London

Shiatsu room 

Chair Shiatsu 

all treatments are done in comfortable clothes

"Now, after 20 years working on the body through Shiatsu, combining pressure points, meridians and soft energy healing, I am now very interested in energy medicine and in the potential of the biofield for healing. The Biofield is the energy field around the person, which seems to contain the frozen memories and traumas that remain unconscious and limit healing. Having experienced the healing in myself with profound shifts, I am committed to offer the gift of healing to others. As I follow my deep intuition, the modalities I am now practicing found their own flow and combinations, and are very effective in trauma healing and many physical and mind conditions. Also the discovery of the possibility to do these treatments remotely, safely and so effectivelly, even in times of isolation, took me into a new level of devellopment as a healer. I am very interested in the connection between emotion and energy, how it manifests in the body and how energy medicine can open up new hope and possibilities." (Claudia)


Claudia was an award winning film director working in the film industry in Portugal when she discovered Shiatsu, first as a receiver. As this experience had such a positive impact in her life and health, she decided to study it to give it back. Claudia studied Anma-Seitai Shiatsu at Portuguese Association of Seitai-Shiatsu Therapy of Lisbon with Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya and finished her course in 2003 when she was 30 years old. She started a successful Shiatsu practice in Lisbon with a focus in supporting people reconnecting with their body-mind, weekly, as a complement of their Bioenergetic therapy. Having moved to America in 2005 and then to London in 2007, she kept her practice while still working on film projects and studied other forms of Shiatsu (Zen Shiatsu, Seiki) and Jikiden Reiki. In recent years her healing arts took the foreground, deepened and expanded, and she works full time in this area now.

Claudia has been a student of Thomas Hübl (trauma, collective trauma, meditation and attunement) since 2019 and she studied with Dr Arielle Schwartz, completing her course 'Beyond trauma' about post-traumatic growth and resilience. In 2020-21 Claudia completed an experiential 9 months course on Collective trauma on women, at Pocket Project/ Thomas Hübl, and 3 courses on Sound healing with Tuning forks, with Dr John Beaulieu (tuning the human body and nervous system) and Eileen Mckusik (biofield tuning). Recently she completed a course with Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch

For a few years Claudia lived in the South Coast of England where she worked in Brighton (at The tree of life centre and Purnima Therapies) and continued her practice, immersed in Nature, in the South Downs, where she lived in harmony with Nature. There, she completed her book 'Travelling like clouds' and wrote her next book 'The depths of stillness'. During the pandemic, Claudia worked mainly remotely through distant treatments, effectively supporting people in different parts of the world. She was also part of the team of healers Reiki Medic-Care giving distant Reiki to NHS doctors and nurses during the pandemic. 

Over the years Claudia has been supporting people with physical issues and mental health issues, with a particular focus on pain, burnout, anxiety and trauma, to empower people to be more fully in their bodies and find more joy. Her clients include psycho-therapists, healers, nurses and carers, as well as highly sensitive people, artists, writers, dancers, film editors, office workers and people of diverse backgrounds. 

After a deep & long Soul journey where she lived a nomad life and spent long periods living off-grid immersed in Nature, in 2022, Claudia re-located to London to offer her gifts more fully. She is working at Walk in Backrub in central London and she works in depth with clients privately, in person and remotely, offering profound and unique sessions that are trauma-informed and particularly tailored for each person.

some of Claudia's past therapy rooms

Purnima Therapies,


Cloud hands, 

South Downs

Tree of Life Centre, 


Claudia has been working with highly sensitive people who due to extreme sensitivity are often challenged physically and emotionally. Claudia is herself an intuitive-sensitive and empath who found ways to claim her gift of sensitivity and healed herself from many long term health issues (such as chronic pain, fatigue and fibromyalgia), and overcame serious life challenges, that included recovering from a heart operation and stroke where she had to relearn how to walk, the loss of her partner to cancer, housing issues, trauma and PTSD. Through her own personal experiences, her research, her studies and deep compassion, she gained a broad perspective, dedicating herself to develloping her very own approach to healing.

Claudia also offers self paced online courses on self care & healing practices through her online platform The wisdom tree School. Her books are available to buy here.

Courses & Qualifications

Shiatsu and Japanese healing Arts

Trauma / healing

Sound healing with Tuning forks

Soul centric work, shadow work, healing of Earth, Art therapy

The feminine & Empaths

Meditation & Other practices for self-healing, Energy medicine and Summits