Claudia (Cloud hands) is a qualified Shiatsu (2003) and Jikiden Reiki (2018) practitioner insured by Balens. She is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and the Jikiden Reiki UK Association (JRUKA) and a practitioner of Reiki Medic-Care.

Claudia's treatments are holistic and intuitive, she treats the whole being - body, mind, soul and energetic field. Claudia's practice evolved from Shiatsu into an integration and essence of Japanese healing arts to include Jikiden Reiki, Sei-ki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, energy medicine, Biofield tuning (sound healing with tuning forks) and somatic trauma healing, which she calls Cloud Hands Healing. Claudia is deeply connected with the Earth & nature; that comes through her healing which grounds you to the Earth and roots you deep into your core. Claudia always takes time to attune to her clients, meditate and prepare her energy before each treatment, making each session sensitive, unique and profound.

some of Claudia's past therapy rooms

Purnima Therapies,


Cloud hands,

South Downs

Tree of Life Centre,


all treatments are done in comfortable clothes

Over the years she offered Shiatsu in Lisbon, London and Brighton. Her practice started in 2003 and included supporting people reconnecting with their body, weekly, as part of their Bioenergetic therapy; she has treated therapists, healers, nurses and carers, as well as highly sensitive people and artists. Since 2018 she worked in Brighton (at The tree of life centre and Purnima Therapies) and continued her practice, immersed in Nature, in the South Downs, where she lived. Since 2020, Claudia has been working mainly remotely through distant treatments, effectivelly supporting people in different parts of the world - with physical pain, mental health issues, life challenges and transitions, with a particular focus on pain, burnout, anxiety and trauma. In 2022 Claudia re-located to London and is preparing to do in-person treatments again, while continuing her remote treatments.

"I am committed in helping release physical pain, mental and emotional struggles,

to support people reconnecting deeply with the essence of themselves,

to find inner peace, vitality and freedom".

Cloud is herself an intuitive sensitive and empath who found ways to claim her gift of sensitivity and healed herself from many long term health issues and life challenges.

"Now, after nearly 20 years working on the body through Shiatsu, combining pressure points, meridians and soft energy healing, I am now very interested in energy medicine and in the potential of the biofield for healing. The Biofield is the energy field around the person, which seems to contain the frozen memories and traumas that remain unconscious and limit healing. Having experienced the healing in myself with profound shifts, I am committed to offer the gift of healing to others. As I follow my deep intuition, the modalities I am now practicing found their own flow and combinations, and are very effective in trauma healing and many physical and mind conditions. Also the discovery of the possibility to do these treatments remotely, safely and so effectivelly, in these dark times of isolation, took me into a new level of devellopment as a healer. I am very interested in the connection between emotion and energy, how it manifests in the body and how energy medicine can open up new hope and possibilities."

Her personal practice & studies include compassionate soul healing, meditation, chi gong, personal and collective trauma healing (Thomas Hübl), eco-psycology & soulcraft (Bill Plotkin), deep ecology (Joanna Macy), and soul art. She is also a film maker, writer, and offers online courses and one-to-one mentorship.

Courses & Qualifications

Shiatsu and Japanese healing Arts

      • Shiatsu Diploma - at Portuguese Association of Seitai-Shiatsu Therapy of Lisbon with Dr. Mitsuharu Tsuchiya, 2002-03

      • Zen Shiatsu at Ki Kai School, Morley College, 6 workshops, London, 2014

      • Seiki, Shamanic Shiatsu, with Alice Whieldon, Norwich, 2017

      • Jikiden Reiki, Shoden (level 1). with Rika Tanaka, London, 2018

      • Jikiden Reiki, Okuden (level 2). with Tadao Yamaguchi, London, 2018

      • Jin Shin Jyutsu, with Cheli Mula, at Health in the city, London, 2015

Trauma healing

  • Healing of Collective trauma in Women, training International Labs , Pocket Project / Thomas Hübl & team, Nov 2020- June 2021

  • Ongoing advanced meditation, presencing, transparent communication & trauma healing studies with Thomas Hübl (since 2019)

  • The Wisdom of Trauma, film and series of conversations with Dr Gabor Maté, 2021

  • Treating trauma Master series (neurobiology of trauma and attachment, traumatic memory and working with limbic system) - speakers include Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Stephen Porges, Ruth Lanius. Nicamb (National Institute for the clinical application of Behavioral medicine)

  • Collective Trauma Summit 2019 & 2020 & 2021 - hosted by Thomas Hübl

  • Healing trauma through the body, with Michael Stone and Molly Boeder Harris, 2018

Soul centric work, shadow work, healing of Earth, Art therapy

  • Art and Soul, 6 weeks online course with Douglas van Houten, Animas Valley Institute, 2021

  • Wild Mind Intensive online, Animas Valley Institute, 7 sessions, with soul guide Douglas van Houten, 2020 - Nature based map of psyche, eco-psychology, practices of wholeness and deep shadow work and subpersonalities

  • In her words, online 3 months course with Joanna Macy - Deep ecology, The work that reconnects, and other themes such as emergence, despair and uncertainty, 2021

  • Soul centric dream work circle, 3 months, with Douglas van Houten, 2021

  • Dreams and your Personal Journey Summit, Jung Platform, 2021

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coaching certificate, 2021

Energy medicine, the feminine, Empaths

  • Sound healing Alchemy - Biofield Tuning method, for in person and distant treatments with Eileen McKusik, 2020 (Shift Network 7 weeks course)

  • Women who run with the wolves, 8 weeks course / book club / exploration on the archetype of the Wild Woman and the teachings of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, with Lydia Violet, Rising Apalachia and somatic healers, at The school of the great turning, 2021

  • Thrive as an Empath in Evolutionary times - with Wendy de Rosa, 2020 (Shift Network 7 weeks course)

  • Belonging - Encounters, intimate conversations on belonging - 7 weeks with Toko-Pa

  • Feminine Awakening Series - 7 live webinars with Clare Dubois (Tree Sisters) and guests

  • Healing chronic illness the Feminine way - Women’s Wellness Circle - interviews and meditations hosted by Sophie Jane Mortimer and Frances Goodall, 2017

Meditation and Other practices for self-healing

  • Chi gong, yoga, various breath work, and taoist practices (from 1989)

  • Meditation Practice (8+ years) - Mindfulness of breathing, Metta-Bahvana, 6 Elements, Insight meditation, Engaged Buddhism, Presencing, Transparent communication, 3-Sync. Several silent retreats in Buddhist communities, and solo. Teachers include Thomas Hübl, Tchich Nhat Hahn, Michael Stone, Joanna Macy. many classes, workshops and silent retreats at London Buddhist Center, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, and online, plus an ongoing daily practice

  • Meditations for Challenging times / online - 10 days with Michael Beckwith (2020)

  • Mindfulness Trainings for Engaged Buddhism / Online Retreat - 5 days with Thich Nhat Hahn & Plum Village community (2020)

  • Many webinars and Summits, including Trauma related sunnits, the Collective Trauma Summit and The Shift Network Summits on Somatic Movement, Sound healing, Shamanism, Evolutionary Empaths, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Medicine, Ancestral Healing and many more where I learn a lot and connect with a wide range of practices.

Watch this 5 mins video for a glimpse of how I do my distant treatments