All transformation requires practice, dedication, perseverance, patience and healing of old patterns and trauma to move towards new realms and activate new potential. To make healing available to more people and to make it more accessible & affordable as an on-going practice, I will be offering group sessions monthly, as distant healing and small groups, in person. 


- Sound, Healing and Silence -

Small group session - in person 

Coming soon (please email if interested)


Using the sound frequencies of tuning forks & sound healing instruments, guided meditations, breathing techniques, energy healing and silence, we will tune into the Elements within the body and in the world to bring yin and yang into balance, and find more inner peace, connecting mind-body and energetic field to resonate and ripple out for the care of the Earth. 

In this monthly sessions I will share various practices related with the Elements. In some traditions there are 4 elements, in others 5 elements, in some we consider 6 to include Space and Counsciousness. In Taoism there are 8 basic natural elements, to include Lake and Mountain, which is the base for the complexity of change in life. In Shamanic traditions the elements correspond to the 7 directions... 

Inspired by ancient Taoist and Buddhist practices that call in the elements, as well as Shiatsu points that relate with organs that correspond to elements and emotions, esoteric Chinese medicine that can bring fun exercises to balance the elements in your own daily life, Chi gong movements to nourish the elements in your body and many other teachings will be weaved into serene practices of contemplation. Through sound and silence, I will bring a modern, somatic and practical approach to these sessions, designed to give you experiencial tools for relaxation and healing. Each session will be unique and original.  

*No meditation experience is necessary.



Group Remote healing

Sunday 18th - 2pm


This month is Valentine's Day, but the power of the heart is much larger than romantic love. Compassion, kindness, unconditional love are all aspects of what is inside the heart. As engeneers of our own hearts we can transform and renew like the dragon. I will tune into the energy of the group to clear and transmute what I find in the energetic field to bring you into your home energy signature. Recognizing our connection to everything, we seed Oneness.

This is a remote session, you can participate from anywhere in the world. 

To book please follow the link to pay and write your name and the session as reference.

More about this group session:

This session will focus on heart energy but I will work with what I find in the field. No internet connection is required for the session as we connect energetically only; l will use a similar process to my individual distant treatments

The magic of this event unfolds in real time by tuning into the group field. Often, by 'watching' a video we are looking out, while energy work is a powerful way to look in and make yourself available for the healing you need. Experiences vary for each person, for some might be similar to an alternate state, going into a dream-like state, for others might be body sensations or emotions or images, there is no right or wrong. 

I encourage you to make a sacred space for yourself and take time to centre yourself prior to the session. 

During the time of the session (1 hour) please lay down or sit comfortable and make yourself available to receive. Your presence will contribute for the energy of the group field. This time, and for the first time, I will record the audio of the session and a recording will be sent to you after the session (allow 24 hours) so you can connect in this way later on if you wish. Part of the session may be in silence or I may use tuning forks, other sound frequencies or words, although I tune into the field intuitively during the session and don't know in advance what will happen.