practice self-healing as an art

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You are invited to listen to your body, mind, soul, and energy, to enable you to be in the body

with more softness and awareness to face the present from a grounded, centered and self-compassioned space.

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"to be in harmony with your soul,

you must learn and experience many things.

Today, you must learn to breath."

5 mins video / trailer of the course


The wisdom tree school is a work-in-progress online school project. A trauma-informed alternative school for the ones who have the courage to choose freedom and authenticity, for artists, healers, and the wild ones, for people who are in transition, experiencing the thresholds of uncertainty and unlearning a traumatised and unhealthy system based on the myth of normal.

We will encourage and cultivate slowing down, rest, healing, balance, creativity, transformation, to connect with your own intuition and wisdom.

Through deep processes of healing and creativity, we will build resilience, in harmony with the Earth, for the regeneration of the soul.