“Shiatsu touch, in its stillness, depth and gentle compassion, is able to support the whole person”

Shiatsu invites you to discover your body-mind and emotions in a new way and empowers you in your healing journey.


Originated in Japan, Shiatsu is beyond massage, it is a complete healing system for physical and emotional body. Done in comfortable clothes on a futon mattress, Shiatsu is an evolving form of bodywork, a deep treatment, yet very gentle and soothing, based on traditional Chinese medicine and Western physiology. Shiatsu uses pressure points and meridians (similar to acupuncture), using a variety of techniques to release tension in the body and improve and harmonize the energy flow. These include gentle holding, pressing with palms, thumbs and fingers on the meridian lines and specific pressure points, or simply following the resonance of the energy by touching lightly.

By applying sensitive, mindful touch, the Shiatsu giver affects the functioning of the nervous system promoting a sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing. Regular sessions calm anxiety, relax the body, improve sleep and concentration, reduce pain and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. I always recommend a course of at least 6 sessions, depending on condition may be longer. 



90 mins sessions - £125

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not taking in NEW clients for in-person Trauma informed Shiatsu at the moment. Please email to express your interest for future sessions and I will email back once there is availability. Read more below about these special sessions.

in Central London (at Charlotte Place, near Tottenham Court Road) - please note that I am no longer in Shoreditch

60 mins - £88

Occasionally it is possible to book 60 mins (depending on Shiatsu room availability ), please email me with possible dates and times for you or fill in the booking form


In my work, I care for body, mind, emotion and energy, combining the psychological and somatic awareness of the trauma field, with the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine. 

My Shiatsu is gentle and sensitive and each session is unique. I use pressure points but without causing pain, my touch is gentle, deep and clients report feeling deeply relaxed. 

I mostly work with highly sensitive people. 

For people who like very hard pressure you better find a different style of shiatsu / other therapist.

In my sessions, to create a safe space where you can feel safe to be you as you are, with whatever comes up, is essential. Everything that happens in the room is confidential.

I also practice other healing arts (such as Reiki and Sound healing with tuning forks) that I may integrate in the session when needed and appropriate to make the healing more effective. 

In this blog post I take you on a little journey through the history of Shiatsu and my story and approach to it. 


Sometimes people come to treat a specific symptom and they are surprised that other things improve as well. This is because Shiatsu is a holistic system that treats the whole person. Western medicine is often focused on a single symptom or disease, while Eastern medicine sees the inter-connection of things. Shiatsu can be used to treat illness and as preventive medicine. In my experience with my clients, Shiatsu is very helpful in treating both physical and emotional issues, some examples include:

In my work I have also supported:

** I do not work with severe psychiatric conditions (such as psychosis, schizofrenia, borderline personality disorders) for which you might need a specialized support.

what to expect in a session

You will be fully dressed in comfortable clothes and often covered with a thin blanket or a Japanese cotton cloth. Traditionally practised on a futon at floor level, Shiatsu can also be received on a treatment table or special ergonomic chair.


A typical Shiatsu treatment may start on the neck and back, using several techniques to disperse tension, such as slow pressure, co-ordinated with breathing, along meridians and points. We also treat the legs, feet, head, face, arms and the hara (belly). However depending on your condition and needs the treatment may be different. It is always unique, as I remain present with what arises, physically and energetically.

My Shiatsu sessions

my sessions are intuitive, holistic and my touch is gentle

Treatments are progressive and cumulative so 

I always advice for a set of 6 or more sessions.

I do prefer to do longer treatments of 90 mins to allow for more depth, 

relaxation and healing to unfold. I may integrate other healing arts such as 

Reiki and Tuning forks (sound frequencies) to make the session more effective. 

Ultimately all healing is self-healing and it's important to give time to your body to re-adjust.  

Below are some examples of how I may focus on a certain aspect or use a combination of techniques in a session, although I always respond to your specific needs and every session is unique


BODY treatment

In this session the focus is on treatment of a particular issue (a physical pain or body issue) although the treatments are always holistic. To help you relax more deeply, I use calming music. Usually I don’t speak much during the session to allow space for your deep rest and give you time to breath and relax deeply. A set of weekly 6 sessions is recommended.

Session protocol of 60 minutes includes:

60 mins: £88 

Occasionally I can book a Shiatsu room in Central London, at Charlotte Place, near Tottenham Court Road /  

depending on my / yours availability & room hire)

Shiatsu for 

mental health & TRAUMA

This protocol is trauma-informed Shiatsu (read more below) for mental health and its focus is on relieving somatic effects of mental health issues and trauma symptoms, such as anxiety, feeling stuck, in a state of freeze or experiencing PTSD. We will explore such patterns, somatically, through the body, breathing and awareness to help you understand the trauma patterns and triggers. The session might include mini workshops and guided practices to help you self-regulate and build resilience.


This is a longer session and depending what we are working with, it might include:


A set of 6-12 sessions is recommended

90 mins: £125



This session is designed to take you on a deep relaxation journey to heal body and nervous system. Using the ancient power of pressure points, cutting edge vibrational sound healing, vagus nerve protocols, ancient wisdom and intuition, you are invited to relax deeply in a gentle way. I will use mindful gentle Shiatsu touch, tuning forks and other healing sounds to tune you as a musical instrument. I always work with the issues you bring to the session and tailor the session for you, either you are dealing with a life transition and need to release some baggage, or a persistent pain or health issue, or you are on a soul journey and need to find your direction, or maybe you simply need to release tension... I will meet you where you are. I will hold save space and invite you to allow yourself to find what you need.

A set of 6 sessions is recommended

90 mins - £125



This session is a balanced flow of yin and yang, combining the stillness of hands of Jikiden Reiki with my gentle Cloud hands Shiatsu where I use the precision of pressure points and other techniques. Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is done by the gentle laying of hands on the head and body and is based on the idea that universal life (rei) + energy (ki) flows through all living things. Focusing more on the energetics of Shiatsu and Reiki, this treatment is less focused on the body (although it releases physical tension and pain too), and more focused on unblocking and opening energetic channels and meridians which run throughout our bodies like rivers so the Ki can flow in balance and harmony and you can return to your own essence. 

A set of 6 sessions is recommended

90 mins - £125


With 20 years of experience as a Shiatsu practitioner, I am now offering Shiatsu sessions that are trauma-informed. 

Trauma is energy that was not allowed to be expressed safely. 

In the work I do I work somatically - through the body - with gentleness, compassion and care. It is not not talking therapy and we do not need to go into the trauma story. This means that I am aware of the trauma symptoms and can help you identify, release stuck emotions, and find tools and practices to help you navigate trauma reactions and symptoms, and ultimately empower you to connect with your Soul and Essence, your Wholeness. 

I think that everyone carries trauma within, although some might not be aware of it. We live in a traumatized world that has became normalized, what Gabor Maté calls 'The Myth of normal'. 

This is an emergent work that I have been develloping in response to the personal, ancestral and collective trauma that I find is necessary to be healed and integrated, for Humanity to advance and consciousness to rise. 

In my sessions, in addition to Shiatsu techniques such as the use of pressure points, I often use a wide range of techniques integrated intuitively to respond to your needs, each session is unique. I may use a combination of specific pressure points, somatic trauma healing practices, breath work, energy work, sound healing with tuning forks and meditation. 

I have worked with people with attachment trauma, who are looking for better ways to relate. Others are on a journey of self-discovery, or on a spiritual journey and need guidance and support to release old patterns. I worked with survivors of rape, car crash, and other deep wounds caused by sudden events creating overwhelming pain, grief and fragmentation. Some people may be experiencing high stress without knowing the origin of the issue or they might be going through a life transition such as a divorce, the loss of a loved one or a particular stressful time at work and need support to unwind and access inner peace. Many times, people come first for a physical pain and are surprised to discover the emotional layers and depth that lay under the surface... 

What is trauma?

Trauma is the inner response within an individual or a collective when facing a situation which is utterly overwhelming.

"The high level of stress overloads the capacity for an individual to stay related to the experience. As a result, the nervous system shuts down or disassociates from that part which has become overwhelmed in order to protect the rest of the organism and survive. As this occurs, the symptoms manifest as flight, fight, or freeze response in the body.

Where trauma is not integrated soon after the precipitating event, it remains stored in the nervous system and creates permanent and long-lasting after-effects within a person or, even, a culture. These manifest as a range of symptoms or ‘signposts’ that can be traced back to the original traumatic experiences." (The pocket Project / Thomas Hubl)

Often people do not recognize trauma in them selves and think that trauma is something that happens. Instead trauma lives in the body. It might relate with life events or childhood wounding and often creates long lasting effects in the body and biology, often going unrecognized. The fight, flight or freeze are some of the trauma responses and reaction mechanisms that often are simply called stress. All these reactions, which appear in many different forms, are an attempt of our body to keep us safe. 

Most defensive mechanisms and stress responses are actually a response for the basic need of safety. 

Experiencing overwhelm impacts the body and the effects of chronic stress are stored in the body memory. This can manifest in many ways such as a feeling of un-safety, not belonging, difficult relationships, anxiety, sleep issues, insecurity, hormone unbalance, chronic fatigue and pain.

Note that I am Not a psychotherapist.  In case you are experiencing recent trauma, Complex trauma and/or severe PTSD I recommend that you also have a therapist to help you unpack and process what may come up through the Shiatsu sessions.



These sessions can be a useful complement to therapy but they are not talking therapy. Your body is intelligent; it holds somatic memories. Shiatsu will support ‘e-motion, in the sense of energy in-motion, focusing on a felt sense of the emotion wave moving through your body. This is honouring your emotions in right balance.’ (John Beaulieu) Some times emotions get stuck and need to be released. Like a river, the water needs to flow gracefully; if the river gets blocked with stones the water stops running or if it overflows it might create floods. Shiatsu can help with balancing the flow of your inner river. 

The sessions are not designed to dig into the cause or the trauma story, our work will focus in releasing tension in the body and relax deeply. Although often people have important insights when connecting deeply with themselves in this way.

Read more / details below



It is important to allow time to rest after a session and to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to help the body release toxins. Sometimes, after the first sessions you might feel sleepy or tired or there might be an emotional release, this is part of the healing process and usually lasts a day or two. Be gentle and compassionate with your self, take a nap, a rest or a walk in the park if you can.

How many sessions do I need?


Although a single session can be helpful, I recommend committing with 3, 6 or 10 sessions for best results (once a week or twice a month), as treatments are progressive and cumulative. Of course it depends on the issue to treat and your specific needs. After a first course of sessions, you may also choose to have regular sessions to prevent the build up of stress and stiffness and protect your emotional wellness.

Spaces are limited 

Please book your sessions in advance at the beginning of each month, to secure a time slot and make the booking process easier for both parts. Preference will be given to people wanting to commit to regular / long term treatments. 


90 mins session: £125



Please pay your sessions in advance to complete your booking

by bank transfer (if you are in the UK I'd prefer this) or use the paypal 

For weekly / regular sessions Monthly payments are available 

Please pay for your sessions in advance or at the beginning of the month when possible

Regularity & time

When doing regular sessions it is best to book a regular time agreed between us so we meet at the same day / time each week/month.

Please arrive on time

If you arrive late, the session will still need to finish at the end of the arranged time as the room is booked by the hour and other clients might be waiting. Remember this is your time to be you, use it! 


If you are unable to attend a session please let me know at least 48h in advance. I will try to re-schedule the session for a time that is convenient for both of us. If not possible, the fee for the missed session may be payable in full or a fee of £20 might be requested to cover costs, in case I can not allocate the time slot to another person. Thank you for understanding.

About Claudia

Claudia is a qualified Shiatsu and Jikiden Reiki practitioner insured by Balens. She is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and the Jikiden Reiki UK Association (JRUKA). Originally from Portugal, she is based in London.

She is a sensitive and experienced Shiatsu practitioner who has offered Shiatsu in Lisbon, London and Brighton  (since 2003) as well as worldwide treatments at a distance during the pandemic. Claudia also works in a walk-in in Central London treating hundreds of people each month, giving her an extensive experience with a wide range of clients. A student of somatic trauma expert Thomas Hübl and eco-psychologist Bill Plotkin (Soulcraft, Wild mind), Claudia's brings a unique approach to her treatments, which are trauma-informed, holistic and intuitive - she treats the whole being. Claudia practices meditation and chi gong and she is very connected with Nature; that comes through her healing, which grounds you to the Earth and roots you deep into your core while relaxing deeply. Claudia has a calming energy and always takes time to attune to her clients, making each session unique and profound. She is dedicated in helping people reconnect with their own essence.

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