Jikiden reiki

reduce stress, anxiety and pain with

traditional Japanese gentle healing

remote | £40

cloud hands

a combination of reiki with tuning forks for a deep effective treatment, done with sensitivity and gentleness

remote| £50

Sound healing

tune your body and biofield like a musical instrument, release trauma & frozen emotions and find clarity

remote | £60

energy clearing

embrace change and move forward by releasing energetic patterns that hold you back and keep you stuck

remote| £60


find deep healing, harmony and relaxation with Japanese acupressure full body massage

in-person | £60

I want to support you to find the path to your own essence to access better health, vitality and joy.
All treatments (except Shiatsu) can be done at a distance (remotely) and are holistic - working on body, mind and soul.
At the moment I am offering treatments remotely, you can be anywhere in the world. Soon (2022) I am planning to offer in-person treatments in London.

Usually I recommend to start with Reiki and progress to other treatments if you wish to go deeper.
Depending on your condition and experience I can also advice for the most effective path for you.

This healing is gentle but very deep and transformative.

How many sessions do I need?
This is a common question. The number of sessions depend on your needs. A course of sessions is recommended instead of just a one-off treatment. We can create, together, a healing plan to better support you, no matter if you simply want a few sessions to help you deal with an acute pain, stress or emotional issue, or if you are dealing with chronic illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems or trauma, and need long term healing. It is also important not to rush and to allow time for integration and embodiment.
I advice to commit with 6 sessions as a starting point and we see how you feel and adjust treatment. Many people are pain free in 2-3 sessions but often that is only the first layer. As an holistic therapist I search for the root of the issue. For trauma and long-term conditions it might take 12-15 sessions or longer. Of course, ideally you can follow up an acute condition with regular sessions for prevention of dis-ease and stress and maintenance of wellbeing.
I usually speak with clients via email, before and after a treatment, to check in with symptoms and see how you feel after and to give my feedback from the session. I often check in between sessions to see how you're doing.

click each therapy for more information


1 hour session £40

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is done by the gentle laying of hands on the head and body and is based on the idea that universal life (rei) + energy (ki) flows through all living things.

​There are many kinds of Reiki. I studied Jikiden Reiki (the traditional Japanese method). Jikiden Reiki uses the concept of 'Byosen', which can be translated as an accumulation of toxins or tension in a certain area. This is felt by the practioner, perceived as a warmth, strong heat, tingling or pulsation. By placing the hands on the area we are able to sense different cycles of energy until the tension is released.

Enkaku Reiki (distant Reiki) is the method used for giving Reiki energy to someone at a distance, the person might be in another room or in another country and still receive the benefits of a treatment. It is effective for the treatment of headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain, digestion, lung issues, and in the support of people going through chronic stress and illness, and very effective in relaxing and treating stress. Although it can be helpful in many other health issues. It can be used safely for people of all ages.

How many sessions do I need?

We always discuss the treatments and I can advice which therapies may be more effective.

Each person and each session is unique.

Please commit with (at least) 6 sessions for progress and consistency.

Some options how a course of treatments might look like:

Weekly sessions or twice a week are very effective for healing and maintaining wellbeing

4-8 consecutive days for acute issues can be appropriate

daily sessions for 1 month or 6 weeks for deep treatment

*I keep Reiki treatments more affordable to allow people on lower incomes to receive effective treatment and to encourage people to have daily or weekly sessions as part of sustainable healing / wellbeing*

CLOUD HANDS HEALING (combining reiki with tuning forks)

1 hour session £50

What is Cloud Hands treatment?

Cloud hands treatment is a sensitive combination of reiki with sound healing tuning (using tuning forks) that I have been developing. Tuning forks are a sound healing tool that creates vibrational healing through a variety of sound frequencies, which tune the biofield and the nervous system bringing body and mind into harmony and deep relaxation.

This is a deep treatment and very effective, in working on deep patterns and clearing them, yet more gentle than a full session of Biofield tuning which can be too intense, specially if you haven't done much energy work and have many health issues.

With reiki I can sense, with my hands, where the blockages/pain/issues are and can work there. I then use the tuning forks, either on pressure points / over the body or on the biofield (energy field around the body) to clear blockages, emotional residues and trauma left in the field. Then I bring the energy into the central line through a process of integration and grounding. My studies on personal and collective trauma healing, and my high sensitivity, create a safe and sacred space, where, in time, people can find their way home to their core and essence. I only facilitate this process. I am doing these sessions remotely / at a distance.

  • I recommend to commit with a set of 3 sessions as a starting point, so the energy moved can be settled and integrated. I feel that each set of 3 sessions deepens the healing and allows to work on new layers. Ideally book 6 sessions or more.

  • Long term conditions such as chronic stress, trauma, depression, chronic pain etc, will for sure take longer, usually around 12-15 sessions. Each person is unique and so it is each session. We will adjust your treatment as we go along to better respond to your needs.

  • After the acute condition is treated, you may want to continue with monthly or bi-monthly treatments to prevent the build up of stress or pain

*We recommend to watch the 5 mins video where Claudia explains the process and you can see her doing it.

SOUND HEALING with tuning forks

1 hour session £60 (see options of treatments below)

What is sound healing tuning with tuning forks?

Biofield tuning is a method of healing created by Eileen McKusick using tuning forks to clear the human biofield. We tune the body to the poetry of its own music by clearing the noise and distortions in the signal. I found my own method to integrate the tuning forks with Reiki for a deep but gentler approach by using the sound frequencies of the tuning forks on shiatsu points, over the body and in specific places of the biofield (energy field around the body).

For a complete treatment of all energy centres and the in-depth treatment of trauma, I might use biofield tuning only. Our energy field carries an imprint of our lives, memories, trauma, emotions, like rings of a tree, where stuck energy distorts the field. The distortions caused by frozen emotional trauma and blockages have all kinds of implications in our health and how we run our lives, the patterns we fall into, the tensions and diseases that manifest. So to clear the stressed energy and old patterns will bring us into more harmony, freedom and vitality. As a lot of these patterns are unconscious and we are not aware of them, these methods are incredible effective in releasing trauma and other unconscious blockages. Using anatomy maps of the biofield and different sound frequencies I use tuning forks to harmonize the tones.

I recommend to start with Reiki and Cloud healing sessions before a full tuning.


I will use tuning forks in this treatment. If you are currently pregnant, having cancer

or have a pacemaker, this particular session is Not recommended.

Prices & Treatment Options:

  • 1 off session £60

  • Complete tuning of 9 energy centres biofield tuning. 7 chakras + knees & feet. Each energy center takes 1 hour.

9 sessions (usually once a week) | discount of £10 in each session when committing with the full treatment |

9 sessions | £50 x 9 = £450

  • Trauma series. Includes 4 sessions: Anxiety & sleeping session. Thyroid. Adrenals & kidneys. Vagus nerve.

4 sessions | £50 x 4 = £200

  • Endocrine System. 7 treatments to regulate and balance all 7 glands and hormones: Gonads (sexual hormones). Adrenals. Pancreas. Thymus. Thyroid. Pituitary gland. Pineal gland.

7 sessions | £50 x 7 = £350

  • Other sessions / treatments might be more apropriate for you depending on your needs, we always discuss your treatment and your specific needs


1 session £60 (allow 1 to 2 hours, depending how much there is to clear)

What is Energy Clearing?

I use a method for Personal energy clearing, created by Jean Haner, based on the 5 elements theory and Chinese medicine. It clears different fields of energy to balance the Chi and bring harmony to the energetic fields, which might be distorted or cluttered, affecting you negatively.

On a personal energy clearing, I work on different energy fields. The first one is the Disturbing effects of Others, these are the energies you pick up from other people, it can be a partner or relative, or people you meet on the bus. If you are a sensitive or empath you might pick up this energy more than others and clearing will help you with this and also to set better boundaries.

The next 5 fields relate with the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. These are your own energy fields and include issues related with ancestral and inherited stuff, fear, anger, loss, trauma, and any issues that are unconscious and you might not be aware of, but are disturbing or distorting your personal energy field. I then allow for Integration and Grounding.

*For best results, it is recommended to support an energy clearing with a Reiki session before and another after the clearing, with about 1-2 weeks in between each treatment, to help prepare for the clearing and settle the new energy.
*When you do a Energy clearing for the first time, it can have deep and profound shifts in your life. It is also very useful also as on-going regular sessions (once a month, for example), in particular if you are a highly sensitive person or work as a therapist, you pick up energy from others and need to find better boundaries and clarity in yourself.

Healing Circle

1 hour £20 per person

What is the healing Circle?

It is a group healing. Usually I do it in small groups by invitation. If interested in participate please email and we'll put you on the list. This is a great way to try out distant healing at a low price. However the group field acts also as a powerful healing agent.

I can also work with particular groups and specific needs, please get in touch if you are part of a group and would like to implement distant group healing sessions.

Shiatsu (in person)

Shiatsu is the only therapy that can not be done at a distance. Shiatsu is £60 for 1 hour

I will soon offer Shiatsu in London
please watch this space for news or enquire via email

Personal statement
'Over the years my treatments became more Yin, more profound. I find a slower flow, following my intuition, often focusing on tonification and source points, developing a healing touch that is more and more refined, and soft, allowing me to sense the bioenergy of a meridian or point, and to feel the person as a whole. I sometimes include other healing arts - Jin Shin Jyutsu and Jikiden Reiki techniques and the sound vibration of tunning forks applied to the pressure points; sometimes I simply hold, feeling the pulsing, the chi, or wait for two points to synchronize, allowing for alignment and for the energy to harmonize, freeing the body and the soul from accumulated tension and pain, layer by layer. I also allow for integration and grounding, offering the person a sense of deep relaxation while being rooted to the Earth. The work is done with a lot of sensitivity, kindness and respect.' Claudia

What is Shiatsu?

Originated in Japan, Shiatsu is done on the floor on a futon mattress in comfortable clothes. It is a deep treatment, yet very gentle using pressure points and energy points; it is based on traditional Chinese medicine and Western physiology. Regular sessions can heal many conditions and harmonize your energy flow.

Shiatsu uses a variety of techniques to improve and harmonize the energy flow. These include gentle holding, pressing with palms, thumbs and fingers on the meridian lines and specific pressure points, or simply following the resonance of the energy by touching lightly.

The massage treats the whole body: neck, back, legs, feet, head, face and hara (belly). Shiatsu is an holistic system that treats the whole person to restore the functions of the nervous system, bone structure, and circulation; it relaxes muscles and stimulates body’s natural ability to heal.

The philosophy underlying Shiatsu is that Ki (energy) flows throughout the body in a series of channels called meridians, which run through the body like rivers. For many different reasons Ki can stop flowing freely; perhaps the river is dried, obstructed or overflown. Shiatsu restores the flow. It is a deeply relaxing experience and regular sessions support deep healing.

In my experience with my clients, Shiatsu is very effective for:

  • Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders

  • Trauma, high stress & burnout

  • Low energy & fatigue

  • Pain relief, in particular back pain, neck, shoulders

  • I worked with individuals who were in Bioenergetics therapy. Weekly sessions were very effective as part of an integrated mind-body approach and awareness and a complement of therapy to support connection with the body

  • I supported people's journeys through chronic illness, such as pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer

"Healing is updating our experience.

The fragmented parts of past experience and trauma are re-integrated into the central line, into the flow of life. When we are immersed in the flow of vital energy, the tension in the body disappears, the split of emotions disappears. Healing and integration benefit my life in every way, because the stress is reduced, there is an expansion of Presence and potential."

(Thomas Hübl)

What are the benefits of distant treatments?

  • distant healing is highly relaxing and equally effective in treating body issues, such as pain, and mental health and emotional issues. By relaxing the nervous system, clearing frozen patterns and bringing more balance and vitality, the body restores itself into health

  • distant healing is as effective as contact healing, sometimes more so

  • receive deep holistic healing from the comfort and safety of your house

  • receive the healing you need anywhere in the world

  • ideal for social distancing, social anxiety & when you can not travel or are bed rid

  • some of the conditions that Claudia has been treating & has experience with, include:

    • Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders

    • Trauma, high stress & burnout

    • Low energy & fatigue

    • Hormonal imbalances and endocrine system

    • Pain relief (back pain, neck, shoulders, sciatica, knee pain, nevralgia, fybromyalgia etc)

    • Covid symptoms

    • Feeling stuck

    • Clearing / changing patterns and open energy blockages

    • Support people in their spiritual journey and life transitions by working on deeply ingrained unconscious patterns

READ EXCERPTS FROM CLAUDIA's Book and her notes on distant healing

The gift

"One year after the beginning of the pandemic I had given over 100 individual distant treatments, and then started to offer it to small groups, with consistent results. I found the distant healing incredibly effective. I could tune into people’s soul and energy directly, through a process of deep presence. They could feel it wherever they were in the world and they could heal.

When I re-read my notes of the Shamanic journey that I told you about earlier, things fell into place. At the time, when I first received the knowing, it felt enigmatic and mysterious. When the pandemic started, the words became clearer and I understood I had been developing skills and learning new healing tools exactly for this time. The depths of stillness allowed me to receive the gift. "Healing is perhaps the greatest gift that can be desired. The desire to heal is a natural talent. It is contended that our hands possess no healing qualities of themselves, and that we use our hands as part of our minds to express the healing intention."

I was touched by these words by British healer Harry Edwards (1893-1976), who discovered his talents as a healer during World War I, when helping his fellow soldiers in the battlefield. After this he continued offering healing with thousands of requests for hands-on healing, and Absent healing (at the distance) dedicating the rest of his life to the healing arts. He founded the Healing Sanctuary, in the village of Shere, Surrey, in 1946, when the family escaped the bombings in London.

"Generally speaking, all who inwardly feel for those who suffer, may possess the healing potential, and absent healing is often the way through which the gift is awakened and developed. Absent healing is, as the name implies, healing from a distance. It may be that absent healing is thought by some people to be the Cinderella of healing, something that is not so realistic as contact healing, possibly because it seems more abstract and less tangible than the personal contact with a patient. I assert this is a mistaken idea; absent healing is very real, and as effective as contact healing – in many cases, more so."

When I learned Enkaku Reiki (distant reiki), energy clearing and biofield tuning, I could not yet imagine a pandemic would come. Now I understand that these were stepping-stones for the gift. With the out break of covid, the pandemic and social distancing, what was a whisper became a clear intention: "You will be working with the invisible. Direct mind connection is your focus. People will be dispersed. For you to help them you must establish direct mind connection. This way you will heal their body and their soul. You have been practising invisibility, now you will be physically remote. You should not attempt to look at the invisible energy by applying the same notions of matter. You will develop a new seeing. The nature around you will help you.”

Soon I joined a project as a volunteer to offer distant reiki to NHS staff to support doctors and nurses on the front lines, working in hospitals, in difficult and traumatizing conditions, and dealing with burnout. Perhaps the part of my soul who was a nurse and died in the Spanish Flu pandemic, was also being healed through this work and wanted to heal others in similar conditions. I was humbled by the force of this call and accepted it with an open heart and deep compassion. We worked as a team of 8 reiki practitioners sending reiki at the same time, for 4 days in a row.

But besides my clear intention to offer the healing gift, I noticed the mistrust of energy work, in particular being done remotely, and not many people signed up for it in the beginning. Western mainstream medicine continues a materialistic approach focusing only on the body and looks into physical symptoms individually, without connection with other symptoms, or the person’s life, environment and situation, and without considering the personality, mental health, trauma, not to mention soul, spirit and energy. To change this ingrained mind set is still challenging for most people.

I treated a variety of conditions, such as covid symptoms, physical pain, anxiety, depression and trauma. I noticed how each treatment was so unique. I applied a variety of techniques I have learned, while following my intuition, sensibility and my empathic abilities. I feel the energy and transmute it through my body. Having practised a wide range of healing modalities, I bring the essence of the Japanese healing arts such as shiatsu, reiki, jin shin jyutsu, and Chinese medicine, with energy medicine and somatic trauma healing, in an holistic way, treating body, soul and energetic field, to support people to reconnect with the essence of themselves and to heal deeply.

In these sessions we are not online, there is no technology involved. I prepare the room as if the person is here and I work with an energetic hologram. A hologram is a quantum field property of energy. By projecting the hologram on my massage table within certain coordinates, I can, physically sense the energy through my hands, and the energy I give can travel from one place to another. The hologram is created and linked to the person receiving the healing through a series of multiple layers based on patterns and electromagnetic energy.

"Quantum physics teaches us that quantum particles are also waves that travel over a very large region of space. The idea that something is both a form confined to a small region of space and simultaneously a wave spread out over a very large region of space is counter-intuitive. For this reason we tend to identify with form and distance. A radio or television station (or wi-fi) can be thousands of miles away, and we can tune into it without thinking about the distance. In a similar way, we can tune into a person through resonance. Quantum physicists call the property of tuning into phenomena at a distance 'non-locality'. The term refers to the ability of a quantum entity such as an electron to influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance." (in Human Tuning, by John Beaulieu)

Quantum physics is not a new concept, however the use of its notions for healing is still quite new and revolutionary. I could sense how distortions and clutter in the body and the biofield create patterns and structures that influence people (and places) negatively creating illness, anxiety, and pain. The interaction with these subtle energies allows biological and physical responses, and if done consistently, leads to healing.

I work with the hologram in slightly different ways, in individual and group sessions. When the hydrangeas blossomed I found in this flower a simple image and metaphor to explain, to my first group, how the hologram works. The hydrangeas are large flowers made of many small flowers to create a circular shape. She spoke to me and I made a flower essence with it, which I took in preparation to this healing.

The hydrangea flower is like the hologram. It holds all the individual flowers into unity. The whole flower brings together all aspects, of all the flowers that are part of it, into harmony and centre, by releasing and transforming.

I always take the time to attune and prepare my body and energy before each treatment, through meditation, breath work and other practices. It's like preparing a sacred ceremony. I create a safe space and take a long time in this preparation to become a vessel, a hollow bone, and be open to the universal energy and ki to pass through me.

The method of distant reiki that I practice, was used in Japan during the World War II when men were sent to war, and women, at home, would send reiki to their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons in the battlefield. By feeling the Byosen they also would know if they were alive. I took this story as an inspiration as it gave me the understanding of the profound grief that is upon us, as well as the solidarity, care, healing and love needed in this moment in history and planetary consciousness. This time the men did not get sent to a battlefield, instead we were all asked to stay home, to be quiet and alone. Physical distance was again part of the process.

To introduce tuning forks as a sound healing tool brought a new dimension to my treatments. For thousands of years, sound has been used to treat illness and bring a state of calm, ecstasy and transformation. It has been used to bring individuals and communities into harmony, regulating the nervous system and balancing dissonance.

A tuning fork is a resonator that emits a pure musical tone through vibration. Traditionally it was used to tune musical instruments, such as a guitar. However the tuning forks used for healing are different and many different sound frequencies can be used. But the principle of tuning through sound vibration and resonance to bring coherence and harmony is similar. Tuning forks can be used on the body (in person) by touch and pressure on shiatsu points, muscles and joints, for example, or to clear energy patterns on the biofield (in person and remotely). I also use them as a self care practice on myself. In a physical treatment, the sound vibration applied to the body will stimulate the area, relaxing it, reducing pain, balancing the nervous system and increasing nitric oxide which reduces tension, creating deep relaxation and regulating the immune system. Fascinated by these new healing tools and concepts, I researched the origins of it. Dr John Beaulieu, is the pioneer of healing with tuning forks. He explains how he discovered that the tuning forks could tune the human nervous system.

Biofield tuning, the method created by Eileen McKusick (my teacher) about 25 years ago, also uses tuning forks, but it is somehow different, as it works, not directly on the body, but on the biofield, the energetic field around the body. The biofield has a toroid shape, going around the body, like a bubble, and passing through the middle channel in the spine. Through her work and research, Eileen found out that the energy field around the body carries an imprint of our entire lives, since gestation and birth, until our present life, a bit like the rings of a tree or a vinyl record. Memories, emotions, patterns and trauma, are stored on the biofield and fragments of stuck energy create distortions in the field. These distortions are unconscious for the most part, but have direct implications in our health and how we run our lives, the relational patterns we fall into, the tensions and diseases that manifest in the physical body. Like in a broken record, patterns of dissonance and trauma might be playing on repeat. Eileen created an anatomy map of the biofield to map out these frozen emotions in different areas of the human biofield. The work is done by using the tuning forks to clear the fragments of frozen energy, tune and harmonize the field and brings the new coherence into the central line.

I found this work to be very effective in trauma healing. With trauma, the mind might forget, but the frozen memory remains in the body and in the energetic field. If the energy is frozen we cannot heal and move forward, the energy needs to be released and integrated in the body. If we put a seed on ice it won’t grow. We must first melt the ice to bring the seed into fertile soil. Biofield tuning can melt the ice through sound vibration. By clearing the noise and distortions in the signal, allowing the body to harmonize with its own resonance, the energy flows freely in a healthy manner bringing more harmony, freedom and vitality to one's life. We tune the body and the nervous system to the poetry of its own music.

Through [this] personal experience of self-healing, I discovered holistic medicine in new ways, as I felt a new level of awareness and embodiment. Body, mind, emotions, energy are not separate. And we are not separate from our environment, from the Earth, from nature, from each other, from our soul, from the cosmic universal energy, the ki that runs through us. It is essential at this time of global pandemics, climate change, illness and collective trauma to take a new approach based on connection and unity, understanding interdependency as the very foundation of life. I believe that the medicine of the future must be whole, not only within our own organism, but must include the health of the Earth, animals, rivers, oceans, land, soil, and all beings. To me, this is the true essence of holistic medicine.


I was happy to hear my teacher Thomas Hübl explaining the healing process in a class, which resonated completely with this work. He said: "Healing is updating our experience. The fragmented parts of past experience and trauma are re-integrated into the central line, into the flow of life. When we are immersed in the flow of vital energy, the tension in the body disappears, the split of emotions disappears. Healing and integration benefit my life in every way, because the stress is reduced, there is an expansion of presence and potential." That was what I was doing in these new distant treatments.

I was bringing back the fragments of the soul, bringing them back into the flow of life. And with this, the physical and emotional pain, tension and illness dissipated. I was seeing it again and again. I noticed how I was indeed bringing a safe hands approach allied with direct mind connection. Through developing this work it became clearer that the healer's work is this understanding of heart, body, soul and energy and its interconnectedness, through the intuitive perception, this seeing how things really are. The energy doesn't lie.

I also see how my long-term practice of bodywork, healing touch, Taoism, Zen and meditation, appear in my gentle approach, this way of 'not-doing', this patience and sensitivity. And then to cut through, like a sword, into the root, the essence of things.

This ability to listen to the person's soul and their deepest pain, with discernment and depth, while being in direct contact with their energy, with awareness, presence, non-judgement, compassion and care, brings a quality to the healing in which the work is done on the mind-body-soul-energy unity, which allows for a sense of wholeness. I believe this is what manifests the healing experience. Either I am working on clearing a pattern, on an electrical fluctuation, a particular organ, an energy centre, a meridian, or the nervous system, the focus of my touch - on the body or at the distance - is always in the deepest wholeness, the soul. When the person feels seen in their deeper truth, the healing happens. This is really the greatest gift.

excerpts from Claudia's book 'The depths of stillness'