'Gentle but powerful!

'Your massage is from another world!'

'Feels like you decompressed my body and Soul!'

'I feel blessed to be in your presence today. 

I am at peace!'

'It's like you listen to everything and then whisper to the body'

'Your Shiatsu massage was so deep. I felt refreshed and my tension patterns were gone'

'I absolutely love Claudia's massages, they make me feel so peaceful and relaxed.'

'Claudia is a brilliant shiatsu practitioner. I wanted to find a somatic experiencing/embodiment treatment and the shiatsu sessions have been exactly what I needed.'

'Very relaxing, nurturing experience with Claudia.'

'Wonderful shiatsu. So relaxing, couldn't recommend this highly enough.'

"Claudia has a wonderful and soothing energy. Her Shiatsu is much more than a massage. It is a holistic full body treatment which includes deep energy healing as well as gentle bodywork. I felt very safely held and sensitively treated, and came out feeling very relaxed"

Fran | Wildlife consultant, Worthing

"I felt a sense of harmony as soon as I entered Claudia’s treatment room - a beautiful oasis in the centre of Brighton. Claudia has extensive experience in the healing arts, and combines her professionalism with such warmth, openness and sensitivity. Her intuitive awareness and lightness of touch made me feel safe and supported throughout the session, and the stresses in my life just melted away! I left feeling relaxed and grounded, and at peace with the world. Highly recommended."

Shirley | singer, UK

"Very relaxing, nurturing experience with Claudia. I went to see Claudia to ease a build up of tension in the whole of my body due to long term stress as a carer. My body was already starting to feel normal again after the first session. I feel more relaxed, my hands and feet are less tense and my tension headache has gone. Continuing with regular sessions. Intuitive, effective shiatsu in a lovely environment. "

Lee Anne | carer, Brighton

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"Thank you for such a beautiful Shiatsu session. I did feel reborn and regenerated after your treatment. You emanate calm energy and have wonderful healing hands. 

After the third treatment, my energy feels more balanced, my back problem is under control and my body has felt generally less tense. I am so grateful to continue to work with you!"

Iris Tomlinson | dance & qigong teacher, UK 

"When Claudia layed her hands on my back I knew I was in safe hands and trust her completely.

My sessions with her have created some of the most relaxing and healing states I have ever been in, and I can’t recommend her enough. Claudia lives a very pure and zen-filled way of life, and she has devoted herself to the healing modalities that she practices.

Del Walsh | UK 

"You are a very talented and gifted healer. The release was in my case really big. My anxiety and mood has calmed down really a lot, I don't feel exhausted anymore  and I know it is because of your treatments. Although I asked you for distant Reiki for my stomach issue and anxiety, I also experienced the relief of my long-term hormonal problems with my cycle after the second treatment. It might sound strange, but the change came also in feeling more connected with the Nature and with myself."

Katarina | therapist, Slovakia

"You are such a gifted healer. I received individual and group sessions and they were all so deep. A lot of healing happened since your treatments. I always feel safe and deeply cared for. In the treatments I can easily find calmness and relaxation. 

I appreciate all your different healing modalities and your sensitivity. I enjoy our relationship and feel deeply nurtured. So many blockages could release and there is much more joy and ease in my life!" 

Christine B. | Vortex healer, Switzerland 

"The energy clearing Claudia carried out for me was profound, thorough and powerful – yet very gentle. In the days following the clearing, I began to feel lighter and more peaceful. As a result of energetic imprints and attachments being removed, I find myself feeling clearer - more connected to life and my own truths. Claudia has a deep connection to spirit, a great attunement to her clients and is generous with her energy. If something nudges you to work with Claudia, definitely do it – this is your life trying to help you to heal." 

Tara Byrne | Shamanic healer, London 

"The first thirty minutes [of the Healing Circle / group session] were a deep dive into a quiet dream-like state. There were old stories of dragon presence that kept circulating in this state. The next thirty minutes passed in a state of somatic release (tremoring) and stretching. Then three minutes before the hour, all settled and I came back into consciousness. Boom. Thanks for your generous offerings! I so appreciate your skill and practice."

Sharon | artist / death doula, Canada

"After having shiatsu with Claudia, I asked her for distant treatments during the lockdown. Claudia did a combination of Distant [Jikiden] Reiki and Biofield tuning. I was struggling with pressure in my head and general anxiety.

Claudia's energy is very powerful, was like she was here in the room with me! I felt very supported and calm during the treatment, and relaxed and present afterwards, the pressure on the head almost disappeared. Claudia is an angel!"

Melanie | Massage therapist, Brighton

"I had a very acute pain on my shoulder and elbow, the result of a tendinites that spread all along my right arm. The pain was so strong that I couldn't work. I went to hospital but they didn't really do much. Claudia gave me a distant treatment. I like that I can just lie down and we don't need any technology. I felt very relaxed during the treatment. On the same evening the pain seemed to increase, but I slept well and from next day it really improved a lot. As Claudia advised I rested as much as possible and then the pain gradually disappeared like magic. Thank you Claudia!" 

Susana | Portugal

"I am 18 years old and have 2 hernias on my back because of injuries. I practiced acrobatic gymnastics when I was younger. Usually I have lots of pain and low energy. I did a series of 10 distant treatments with Claudia, every Sunday. It was so relaxing! At first the pain improved and then it was just gone. It was amazing and great to feel free of pain, I felt so light! Suddenly I had so much more energy and got involved in many activities, new courses etc. I felt more open and more sociable too.

Beatriz E. | Student, Portugal 

"I felt very deeply immersed from the start. The energy was very very powerful and profound for me. There was a deep heat on my left side mainly. I felt you, here, very strongly. There was so much light and energy at work. It's very hard to put into words. I'm very in transition right now and the healing circle really helped bring some things into focus."

Caroline G. | artist / art therapy, UK 

"I was in bed for 10 days and couldn't walk with a very painful sciatica crisis. Claudia gave me a distant treatment with the tuning forks. Next day I could walk again! The pain was still there but it was bareable, until gradually it subsided."

Maria G. | Portugal

"Thank you so much for the distant healing. I have had some big shift. The last few days I have reconnected, grieved what was needed and have come through with clarity and deeper connection to myself."

Sophie, | UK