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2022 NEWS

Distant / remote treatments continue (fill in the form below to book)

Joined the team at Walk-in Backrub shops in Central London (chair massage and Shiatsu)

Private clients in Central London and Shoreditch starting soon (email for details)

Taking a new course on healing with tuning forks with Dr John Beaulieu

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Hours & Appointments

Tuesday 12–8PM

Thursday 12–8PM

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Prices of treatments at a distance

Jikiden Reiki £40

Cloud hands healing £50

Sound healing with tuning forks £60

Energy Clearing £60

Shiatsu | in person £60 (London)

I recommend to read the descriptions about each therapy before booking



receiving a distant treatment / how it works

  • Simply lay down or sit comfortably and close your eyes, in silence or with soothing music. We are not online, we meet energetically. You may create a sacred space for the healing. You can meditate or just relax 5 or 10 mins before we start. Switch off your phone and make sure you're not interrupted for the duration of the treatment

  • I always prepare my energy and atune before a treatment. Then I will start the treatment at the exact time we booked. Treatment is usually 1 hour.

  • You might feel very relaxed and sleepy during the treatment (please do not drive!). If you fall asleep don't worry, the treatment still works, but if you can remain aware of your body sensations, images, memories or thoughts that might pop up, even better!

  • Take time to rest after the treatment, sometimes people might feel tired or emotional for a day or two, be kind to yourself, this is part of the detox and healing process, it will get better very soon!

  • I recommend a Epsom salts bath or foot soak after the treatment to help with detox, or if you are on the land, put your bare feet on the Earth for 10-15 mins after the treatment

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