Sound healing with tuning forks

healing with Tuning forks

What is sound healing tuning with tuning forks?

I have studied Biofield tuning with Eileen McKusick and Body tuning with Dr John Beaulieu who uses a variety of methods to tune the body and energetic field. 

We tune the body to the poetry of its own music by clearing the noise and distortions in the signal. I found my own method to integrate the tuning forks with Reiki for a deep but gentler approach by using the sound frequencies of the tuning forks on shiatsu points, over the body and in specific places of the biofield.

Tuning forks have particular sound frequencies that are used for healing. I use them in many different ways, either to clear and tune a specific organ or body part, or to work on the Endocrine system, or integrated in a Shiatsu treatments (on the body on the shiatsu / acupuncture points. It is also effective as a series of treatments (see some examples below).  

For example, for a complete treatment of all energy centres and the in-depth treatment of trauma, I might use biofield tuning only. Our energy field carries an imprint of our lives, memories, trauma, emotions, like rings of a tree, where stuck energy distorts the field. The distortions caused by frozen emotional trauma and blockages have all kinds of implications in our health and how we run our lives, the patterns we fall into, the tensions and diseases that manifest. So to clear the stressed energy and old patterns will bring us into more harmony, freedom and vitality. As a lot of these patterns are unconscious and we are not aware of them, these methods are incredible effective in releasing trauma and other unconscious blockages. Using anatomy maps of the biofield and different sound frequencies I use tuning forks to harmonize the tones. 

Biofield tuning

I use the tuning forks on the biofield,

meaning the energetic field around the body

(in person or at a distance / remotely)

body tuning

I use the tuning forks on the body 

on Shiatsu points, joints or muscles 

(in person)

Listen to the tuning forks 

2 mins video, a little glimpse of a long treatment


If you are currently pregnant, having cancer or have a pacemaker, this particular treatment is Not recommended.