Energy clearing

ENERgy clearing

What is Energy Clearing?

I use a method for Personal energy clearing, created by Jean Haner, based on the 5 elements theory and Chinese medicine. It clears different fields of energy to balance the Chi and bring harmony to the energetic fields, which might be distorted or cluttered, affecting you negatively.

On a personal energy clearing, I work on different energy fields. The first one is the Disturbing effects of Others, these are the energies you pick up from other people, it can be a partner or relative, or people you meet on the bus. If you are a sensitive or empath you might pick up this energy more than others and clearing will help you with this and also to set better boundaries.

The next 5 fields relate with the elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. These are your own energy fields and include issues related with ancestral and inherited stuff, fear, anger, loss, trauma, and any issues that are unconscious and you might not be aware of, but are disturbing or distorting your personal energy field. I then allow for Integration and Grounding.

When you do a Energy clearing for the first time, it can have deep and profound shifts in your life. 

Ask yourself if you are ready for deep change and if you have inner resources and support for transformation.

Energy clearing package

I advice to do a Reiki session before and another after the Energy Clearing with a few days in between each session, this is to prepare your energy and allow the new energy to settle as a lot of energy is moved during an energy clearing. 

For best results do the 3 sessions within 1-2 weeks. 

Package of 3 sessions: £188  (instead of £205)