Trauma-informed Shiatsu, Reiki & distant healing for sensitive people


Cloud Hands' mindful touch combines the somatic awareness of the trauma field, 

with the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine, healing arts and medical intuition.

"I am committed in helping release physical pain and emotional struggles, to support and empower people to reconnect deeply with the Essence of themselves, devellop their Soul purpose and potential, to find wholeness, inner peace and freedom" Claudia

What I do

  holistic energy healing at a distance

'Energy Healing is a holistic pathway to wellbeing and self-realization, to restore, balance and harmonise the body, mind, and spirit.'


a combination of the essence of Reiki, Quantum-touch and tuning forks for a deep effective treatment, done with sensitivity and gentleness


tune your body and biofield like a musical instrument, release trauma & frozen emotions and find clarity with tuning forks healing 


reduce stress, anxiety and pain with traditional Japanese gentle healing


embrace change and move forward by releasing energetic patterns that hold you back and keep you stuck 

Shiatsu in person in London

“Shiatsu touch, in its stillness, depth and gentle compassion, is able to support the whole person”

find harmony and relaxation of body and mind with Japanese Shiatsu, a full body massage using pressure points and meridians therapy, done with gentleness. 


60 minutes sessions, 

by appointment 

Central London (Charlotte Place)

Special session of trauma informed Shiatsu and somatic healing with the precision of pressure points, Japanese reiki and Sound healing frequencies


90 minutes sessions, 

by appointment

(Please note, not accepting new clients for these sessions at the moment)

release neck, shoulder and back tensions, including frozen shoulder & neck and relax deeply with Japanese acupressure on chair massage 


short treatments

Ofiice massage & events

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What people say

'Gentle but powerful!

'Your massage is from another world!'

'Feels like you decompressed my body and Soul!'

'It's like you listen to everything and then whisper to the body'

'Claudia has a wonderful and soothing energy. Her Shiatsu is much more than a massage. It is a holistic full body treatment which includes deep energy healing as well as gentle bodywork.'

'Claudia has extensive experience in the healing arts, and combines her professionalism with such warmth, openness and sensitivity. Her intuitive awareness and lightness of touch made me feel safe and supported throughout the session'

'Claudia is a brilliant shiatsu practitioner. I wanted to find a somatic experiencing/embodiment treatment and the shiatsu sessions have been exactly what I needed.'

'Your Shiatsu massage was so deep. I felt refreshed and my tension patterns were gone'

'Very relaxing, nurturing experience with Claudia.'

'You went beyond the body, you touched my Soul!'

about Claudia

Claudia (Cloud Hands) is a intuitive-sensitive and an experienced Shiatsu practitioner who has offered Shiatsu since 2003 in Lisbon, Brighton and London, as well as worldwide energy healing and Reiki treatments at a distance. In her practice Claudia's brings a unique approach to her treatments, which are trauma-informed, holistic and intuitive - she treats the whole being: body, mind, soul and energetic field. In her work she combines her precision of pressure points with other modalities that include sound healing with tuning forks, Quantum-Touch and Jikiden Reiki. Claudia is deeply connected with Nature and that comes through her healing, which grounds you to the Earth and roots you deep into your core. Claudia has a calming presence and always takes time to attune to her clients, making each session unique and profound. She is dedicated in helping people reconnect with their own essence. 

Claudia works in person in London and world wide with remote / distant healing. 

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All transformation requires practice, dedication, perseverance, patience and healing of old patterns and trauma to move towards new realms and activate new potential. To make healing available to more people and to make it more accessible & affordable as an on-going practice, I will be offering group sessions monthly, as distant healing and small groups, in person. 


Gift Voucher: If you would like to offer a mindful gift to a friend and feel that your loved ones would appreciate a Distant Reiki session (or another treatment) with me, I will design a Gift Voucher with your friend's name on it. Jikiden Reiki (Japanese Reiki) is a gentle treatment  that will offer healing, calm and peace. With Reiki the energy goes where it needs to go and where the person needs it most. It can be done remotely so you / your friend can be anywhere in the world.


 listen to the sound frequencies of the tuning forks, watch 2 mins video for a short glimpse

short Chi Gong practice 

for balance, energy and stability

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